Retiree of the Week: D.C. Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper

This week’s pick for Retirement Roadster’s ‘Retiree of the Week’ is none other than Ginnie Cooper, who has served as chief librarian of the District of Columbia’s library system for the past seven years. You might be sitting there thinking that seven years is not really an incredibly long time spent working for an organization, but Cooper has proven that it is quality over quantity that really matters.

Ginnie CooperAccording to a Washington Post article by Macy L. Freeman, Cooper announced her retirement today, Wednesday May 29th, after leaving a tremendous impact on the libraries located in the U.S. capital. To name just a few of her great accomplishments during her tenure, Cooper renovated and/or constructed 14 neighborhood library branches, increased the number of books checked out from D.C. libraries to 3.7 million annually up from 1.2 million, and was awarded the Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Archicture for her leadership in the libraries’ transformations in March 2013.

There is much to be learned from this passionate, hard-working woman with a clear vision and the gumption to go after it. Our congratulations goes out to Ginnier Cooper, along with our wishes for a happy, healthy, and long retirement (although being honest, we’re not sure how long she is going to be able to stay out of the libraries!)


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Obama Introduces Immigration Bill, Sports Lipstick on Collar

As President Obama was delivering an immigration speech last night at the White House as part of an Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration, he called out the attendee in the crowd who had left an imprint of her bright pink lipstick on the President’s white collared shirt. According to a Washington CBS Local article, Obama said to the woman, the aunt of an American Idol contestant, “I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle, so I am calling you out.”


President Obama explains lipstick kiss on collar


The content of the President’s speech went far beyond his defense of the obvious collar-kiss. The President touched on the White House-backed immigration overhaul, a bill which would increase border security while helping grant citizenship to the over 10 million people living illegally in the U.S.

The above-mentioned CBS article goes on to state that a recent survey performed by the Pew Research Center revealed that 75% of Americans believe that the immigration policy needs “at least major changes,” and the other 34% are pushing for it to be rebuilt entirely. According to literature on the White House website, “America’s immigration system is broken. Too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living in the shadows. Neither is good for the economy or the country.”

Immigration laws are a big issue in our nation right now, and as active seniors and retirees, there is much to be done to get involved with either supporting or debunking this proposal– whichever side you are for. You can join debates, host a roundtable in your community, and simply start discussions with other citizens about ways to strengthen the immigration system. If this is an issue that speaks to you, or that you feel strongly about, make your voice heard!



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Time for Spring Cleaning

What better way to welcome the nice weather by doing a big spring cleaning and thorough decluttering of your house, and what better time to do it than after Memorial Day weekend? The weather hasn’t been incredibly consistent lately, but Memorial Day is the unofficial marker for the beginning of good weather.

If the spring cleaning bug is hitting you, jump into it full force this year. When was the last time you organized your attic, garage, or basement? Many people hold onto far more than they actually need or use in everyday life, and it can be therapeutic and cleansing to periodically sift through items and get rid of outdated and dust-gathering things.

If you need some tips, check out an article in which includes ideas, encouragement, and explains how having less stuff can give you more space, time, and even more money. If you need help, you could always enlist the the assistance of friends and family members. Grand-kids make great helpers!

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Angelina Jolie’s Aunt Loses Breast Cancer Battle

It was announced yesterday in an E!Online article that Angelina Jolie, the famous actress/director who just recently announced that she’d undergone a preventative double mastectomy, lost her maternal aunt to breast cancer. In an Op-Ed article that she released to the New York Times a few weeks ago, Jolie described how she knew she was at heightened risk for breast and ovarian cancer as it ran in her family (her mother passed away from ovarian cancer six years ago). She states she underwent a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer from 87% to 5%, and so her children would not have to worry about losing her to the breast cancer that recently claimed her aunt.

Health is a very important and fragile thing. We only get one body in this lifetime, and it’s our job to keep it healthy, strong and cancer-free. That includes eating right, exercising, and not putting in any toxic substances. But it also includes getting yearly annual exams performed and for women, PAP smears and mammograms on a regular basis. And the risk for disease does not diminish with age, it actually can increase. That’s why it’s important for retirees, especially, to keep up on their health. It’s especially important for women to get tested for a genetic mutation if they have a history of ovarian and breast cancer in their family. Men, make sure you are getting prostate exams especially if this is something that runs in your family.

We would hope that our retired readers will take good care of their bodies through their golden years, including having the necessary checkups and being proactive about preventing disease and early detection.

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Truck Collision Collapses Washington Bridge

Calling all retirees who are looking for a new project to work on or cause to get behind and promote! It has come to our attention that the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) might need to be petitioned to check in on all older bridges and other highway structures that may be hitting their expiration date in terms of being safe and trustworthy. Perhaps many of you have heard about the bridge in Washington state about an hour north of Seattle that collapsed on Friday, sending cars and people plunging into the cold river below. Fortunately nobody was killed or even injured, however it was just revealed the other day that the collapse occurred because of a truck that crashed into at least one girder, a steel beam that provides the framework and structure of a bridge.

According to a Reuters article by Elaine Porterfield, the bridge was built in 1955. Its collapse has prompted Washington Lawmakers to investigate other older bridges and road structures that could be susceptible to the same fate due to their age. The latest is that the bridge was inspected twice last year and not found to be structurally deficient.

So the story remains that the bridge fell because of the precise angle that the truck hit its structural beams. However, the National Bridge Inventory Database apparently had the bridge categorized as “functionally obsolete”– a fancy way of saying that it is not up to par with current demands or structural standards.

All of this being the case, we at Retirement Roadster wanted to fill you in on all the details in case there is somebody or several somebodies who feel called to action. You can contact the U.S. NTSB here. Perhaps if they hear from enough of us, the integrity of all bridges will be ensured and collapses like this one can be avoided in the future.


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Memorial Day Special: Boston Marathon Final Mile

You can’t help but feel immense pride when hearing about the runners who ran the final mile of the Boston Marathon today, Saturday May 25th, the mile which was taken from them when the bombs went off in Copley Square on April 15th. According to an article in USA Today, some 3,000 runners and bombing victims participated in today’s events.

According to the USA Today article, in a tear-jerking statement, Rosy Spraker, a marathoner from Virginia who returned to Boston this weekend to complete her final mile, stated, “Now I feel like I’ve earned my medal. I wanted to run for the victims, for freedom, to show the world that nothing is going to stop us.” Added her husband, Lesley, “Somebody that things that they’re going to stop a marathoner from running doesn’t understand the mentality of a marathoner.”

Marathoners finish the final mile of the Boston Marathon

Marathoners finish the final mile of the Boston Marathon

Folks, we here at Retirement Roadster want to wish each and every one of you a very happy Memorial Day weekend. We also want to remind you to live life to the fullest, as these runners are doing today. Any residual fear, resentment, hesitancy, just let go. Stand up for what you believe in. Do something every day–yes, every day!–that scares you. Don’t let others intimidate you, or coerce you to accept any other path than your own.

These are the golden years, my friends. Enjoy life, adventures, and in particular some BBQ’s and cherished moments with friends and family this weekend. Happy Memorial Day– Boston Strong!

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Beckham Awarded Money Savvy Retiree of the Week

David Beckham is our Money Savvy Retiree of the Week.

While David Beckham, at age 38, is not your typical retiree, we have decided to kick him off as the first winner of this award.

We know that our readers are not the sit on a rocking chair and wait for their day type of retirees. We know you are out living life, trying to create as many amazing experiences as you can, and looking forward to your life, not to the past.

While many celebrities squander their income and end up with nothing, David Beckham has managed to grow his wealth, and now is about to leverage 25 million dollars into a Major League Soccer franchise valued at between 50 and 100 million dollars.

We wish this level of frugality and success to all of our readers.

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The End

We here at Retirement Roadster are saddened by the loss of music legend Ray Manzarek.  The New York Times reports on the loss of this icon who was the keyboardist, writer and co-founder of The Doors. Ray is survived by his wife, son and three grandchildren.

The Doors’ 1967 hit “The End” reminds us that all things must come to an end. No one truly likes to think about events coming to a close, but it is a necessary truth of life. The unfortunate fact is our time on this Earth is finite. We must live life to the fullest. Mr. Manzarek had a full and accomplished life.

How do we, as retirees, ensure that we live life to the fullest? Retirement Roaster recommends creating a bucket list before you retire. In your retirement planning ensure that you know all the wants and needs you can anticipate in your future. Do you want to be able to travel to world, take an all inclusive cruise through the Mediterranean, go on a hot air balloon ride, speed around in a race car,  spoil your grandchildren and still have something left to pass on to them? These are all thoughts that need to be considered before planning for retirement.

We wonder if Mr. Manzarek got to cross everything off his bucket list…

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Oklahoma Tornado – What Can We Do?

We at Retirement Roadster are deeply saddened by the devastation that swept across Oklahoma today. The Chicago Tribune reports the EF4 tornado has claimed the lives of at least 51 people and caused miles of costly damage.

NBC News offers a list of how everyone can get involved in the relief efforts. The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief, United Way, Feeding America and Operation USA are all organizations that are beginning humanitarian work for Oklahoma’s recovery.

One way residents can find aid is through their insurance. News OK describes that insurers are setting up field offices to help those affected as quickly as they can. They are even expediting claims to get customers money to pay for temporary shelter and needs.

Along with the vast number of individual homes lost, The Moore Public School District lost substantial property which will cost millions to rebuild. We are taking another step and putting forth a call to action. We believe a celebrity fundraiser could greatly help the Moore Public School district raise the funds required to rebuild their schools. We know there are several well know celebrities that once called Oklahoma home. Garth Brooks, Ron Howard, Chuck Norris, Reba McEntire, Wes Welker, and Sam Bradford are a few of our favorites. Retirement Roadster will provide $30,000 in marketing efforts to widely publicize this event.

If you are ready to take action and help The Moore School District rebuild, you can contact Retirement Roadster at Let’s make a difference!

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